paint brushes
  • Products

    The Zita- Painting Tools S.A. offers a wide selection of products. It implements Quality Management System ISO9001:2000, certified by TuV HELLAS. The quality controls applied to ensure standard quality of products.



  • Production

    The company has invested a lot of money for automatic machinery to secure good productivity. This combined with the over 50 years of experience in producing painting tools results to high productivity with the minimum defective products that are easily rejected.


  • Distribution

    The company has a wide distribution network that covers almost the entire country. It provides to the costumers not only fast service, good quality and prices but also with tools to help them in their sales.



  • Technology

    The company operates with modern equipment of high capacity. There is a fully automated production line of paint brushes and specialised equipment for the production of brushes and paint rollers.




Welcome to our renewed website

The company was established by Joanna  Zachariadou in the early 50s, who managed to become a dynamic presence in the paint tools market. Her work continue worthily till today and with upward trend her daughters Mary and Alexandra Zachariadou, who brought a spirit of renewal and change adapting the company to the demands of our time.

    Investing in new technology, automation and expansion of the sales network, they brought a new way of doing business it their market.
    A little later, in the 90s they moved to a larger facility in Peristeri where they expanded more the business by marketing related articles.

    In 2007 they made the most important step in their history buying land in the industrial park of Ano Liosia and constructing immediately a building which is already operating. This building was designed to serve the needs and the operation of the company providing the possibility of evolution and expansion.

    Large, modern new storage facilities, advanced computer system, cooperation with technocrats for improvement of production, customer service and sales network are just some of the events following the construction of the new facility.


    Significant progress has been made by the company also expanding its activities to the markets of the Balkans and the Middle East with a positive respond and prospects of development, and despite the competition from the orient, Zita manages to be competitive with good quality and reasonable prices.
    In conclusion, since the moment Mary and Alexandra took the company in their hands, Zita-Painting Tools, is in a constant evolution despite the difficulties and the tough competition they are facing since then.


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